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Setting Sun + Quitzow LIVE @ Garfield Artworks

Photo by Melissa Maggi

Photo by Melissa Maggi

Quitzow and Setting Sun share a couple of band members between the two of them, but each of them is a totally different sound. Even though most of their fans like each band separately, luckily, I happen to enjoy both! They each have their own band where the other performs in it and they own their own record label, Young Love Records. You might call them a dynamic duo. This past week, their tour brought them here to Pittsburgh to perform at Garfield Artworks.

It’s always interesting to me how little tidbits of information piece themselves together. Like the fact that Erica Quitzow and Gary Levitt have been partners for 10 years. So, when Quitzow announced at the beginning of her performance that the tour has been going good and that Setting Sun is pretty cool to tour with; it didn’t hit me until later…”Ohhhh! HA! She’s being witty!” The two bands have always toured together. It’s the most practical thing to do economically and emotionally.

Quitzow played first with Erica Quitzow standing behind her Moog wearing cheetah print shorts. Gary Levitt stood on the other side of the stage with his guitar and microphone to help with vocals when needed. Last but certainly not least, they also had their drummer in tow. Erica played “Peanut” from her last album Art College, but most of the songs were from this year’s release Juice Water. We also got to hear “More Keith Richards” and “Talk To Me.” Sitting there listening to her belt out these songs made me think of Cyndi Lauper. Quitzow definitely loves her some 80s crazy pop and the comparison is a good thing, for sure. She’s got the quirky, comedic lyrics to bounce along with candy flavored sounds. My favorite was her ending song, “The Cut.” It was a seemingly extended version, but through and through it was fantastic. I didn’t even know that I liked the song that much.

After a short potty break, Setting Sun began to play their (short) set. This time, the drummer was in the same spot, but Erica and Gary had traded places. Surprisingly, the opening song was “Driving,” which I had kind of expected them to play last. Regardless, there was no getting into it; you were already IN it when Levitt started off the song. Also played was “One Time Around,” a song that Levitt introduced as being about reincarnation. I feel like Setting Sun has set the bar for what modern folk music infused with electronic and psychedelic should be. No wonder Levitt has started calling his music electro-acoustic rather than indie pop. I was happy to hear “Make You Feel” but it was performed at a much slower pace than the actual album version. Besides the slo-mo, the only downfall to the shows was that while the music itself was amazing, it was a bit difficult to hear the lyrics. Still worth it!


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